After a career in the steel world of mechanical engineering, I decided to start all over with a profession where the human aspect, creativity and truth come together.
Since then (2012), I am working as a freelance photographer.

Commissioned Work
My specialism: the photography of people.
Portraits (art, personal or business), documentary, music and theatre.
The essence of my work, under any circumstance, is the attention for the individual. Portraiture is all about attention, care and trust.
In addition to the right pose and lighting, a pleasant atmosphere where the subject can feel relaxed and free is just as important.
Only in this way a true image is created. An image that lasts and that will catch and hold the attention of the viewer.

Art work: Non Essential Images
This website is mainly about commissioned work. My independent work goes a bit further and is characterized by an intuitive search for the mystery of our being. If you like to see more of that, please visit my other site

Some clients:

NWO - Royal Conservatoire The Hague - Platform 31 - Nuffic - TU Delft - Drie-D - AMS  Institute - VBO Makelaars - Florence Actief -  Theater De Nieuwe Regentes - Ensemble Modelo62 - Sounds of Silence Movie Festival - Royal Exclusives Agency - Gemeente Den Haag - Ministerie van BiZa - INBO Architecture - Smaakmakend Magazine - Griffel en Bok - Coform - Orkest Morgenstond - Theater Nanna Tieman